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How to Identify Best in Class Sponsors

While returns have dominated the CRE conversation over the past decade of growth, recent events, namely the volatility and unprecedented economic shutdowns caused by COVID-19 have amplified many investors concerns about the other side of the coin: risk. From hotels to shopping centers to office buildings, people are paying attention to risk. The market has already experienced tremendous change and it is difficult to forecast which further changes will occur.

However, what we are currently facing is far from unprecedented. In 2008, for example, many opportunistic investors were able to capitalize on a rapidly changing real estate market. Even a brief look at our economic history, dating from the Great Depression to the present, will reveal that moments of great uncertainty are often followed by moments of great opportunity.

As a developer or sponsor, part of your job is to explain this brave new world to investors. With the right mindset—and with supporting data—you can address their concerns and help them overcome the fear of the unknown.