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We share a new perspective on private equity through our timely insights on private real estate investing.

At this juncture, we continue to believe that commercial real estate offers attractive relative risk-adjusted returns in addition to providing investors with diversification from stocks and bonds. However, we are also cognizant of increasingly divergent views and mixed signals as it relates to the trajectory of the economy. As such, we are maintaining our focus […]

Each quarter, we like to share what we’re seeing and reading about in the current real estate market and how that informs the opportunities we make available to the Alpha Investing network. With that said, we are continuing to remain patient in the current environment. We maintain our belief that commercial real estate continues to […]

Alpha Investing wrapped up 2018 by participating in the acquisition of two multifamily investments in December. The first is a high-rise apartment building located 20 miles from Manhattan, the second is a garden-style apartment building located in the heart of the Greater Bay Area. We also made our third investment in a commercial real estate […]