Alpha Insights

The Alpha Investing quarterly letter outlining macroeconomic trends, asset updates, and our view on the current commercial real estate landscape.


Past Insights

No Recovery Without Handling the Pandemic

As the US economy begins its fractured re-opening, the resurgence of COVID-19 is creating hotspots that necessitate the re-shuttering of local economies. Until the country can get a handle on containing current and future outbreaks, a return to "normal" activity will be out of the question.

Real estate helps diversify your portfolio.

The Impact of the Health Crisis on CRE & the Alpha Portfolio

COVID-19 has brought about drastic policy and economic actions, in addition to an unprecedented shift in human behavior. This has yielded rampant uncertainty in all markets, and a historic spike in unemployment. In the midst of this uncertainty, Alpha is well positioned to weather the current downturn, and we intend to maintain a high degree of patience and discipline in the new environment.

2019 Year End Update

Alpha Investing wrapped up 2019 by closing two December deals, one Multifamily property in Colton California, and two Senior Living facilities in Ohio and California. While the past decade has been one of sustained growth, the economic landscape in 2019, and looking ahead to 2020, is a bit more checkered. As we look to navigate this time of uncertainty, Alpha Investing will continue its focus on deals that have strong fundamentals, focused business plans, and knowledgeable, trustworthy Sponsors at the helm.

senior living acquisition

Bottom of the Ninth
or New Normal?

While aware of increasingly divergent views and mixed signals about the trajectory of the market, we continue to believe in the opportunities offered by commercial real estate and in the calibre of the sponsors we elect to align ourselves with.

Discipline, Patience, and
Strict Standards

Patience and discipline remain at the core of our approach to uncovering attractive risk-adjusted returns with commercial real estate. Evaluating a range of opportunities and committing to those that fit our approach remains our discerning strategy.