Considering a Syndicated Real Estate Investment Opportunity? What You Should Know.


In this premiere episode of the Real Wealth Real Health podcast, Alpha Investing’s AdaPia d’Errico and Daniel Cocca chat with a seasoned real estate pro, Dr. Adam Gower, to discuss some of the core principles he’s applied to real estate investing over the last 35 years and the perspective he’s gained experiencing real estate from the ground up, starting as a construction worker, then investor, underwriter, and capital raiser.

Building a healthy financial foundation for the future is not a short-term endeavor. It requires research, the right relationships and advisors, enough experience to know you don’t (and can’t) know everything, and working with partners you can trust.

Real estate investing changed dramatically following the Jobs Act of 2012; this episode is a discussion on how to navigate the current real estate investment landscape.

Key Insights

  • How the landscape around raising real estate investment capital has evolved
  • The importance of having a long-term investment perspective
  • How to know which real estate sponsors to trust — and if they can perform in both up and down markets
  • How real estate deals are marketed to investors and why high return projections may not always be what they seem
  • Why stress testing and scenario analysis is an important evaluation tool
  • Understanding risk-adjusted returns

Guest Bio

Adam Gower has 30+ years and over $1.5 billion of commercial real estate investment and finance experience, holds a Ph.D. in risk mitigation, and is a published author. His latest book, Leaders of the Crowd (Palgrave MacMillan: New York, 2019) covers the history of crowdfunding and how real estate syndicators came to dominate the industry. Through his company, GowerCrowd, he builds best-in-class digital marketing systems for real estate developers raising capital through crowdfunded syndications.