From Real Estate Novice to Teaching Financial Wellness


A successful real estate investor and financial coach shares how she went from a timid first-time buyer to a confident landlord and owner.

Kavitha Baratakke is a software engineer turned real estate investor, landlord, and wealth strategist. After immigrating to the US in 1998 and taking on life as a single mother, she found herself using her technology background to trade options and stocks online. Quickly realizing the risk in the dramatic highs and lows of the market, Kavitha made a cautious yet deliberate decision to purchase a home in Austin, TX, and she’s been an active real estate investor ever since. In this episode, we discuss her journey of quitting her full-time job, building up a portfolio of properties, and using her gifts to give back to and educate the community. 

Kavitha also advises listeners on what she’s learned as a landlord, in addition to how she balances her various positions on top of being a parent. She has developed a passion for financial education and empowerment that she shares with both her consulting clients and youth in her community, as a representation of what true wealth means to her. If you’re interested in learning more about investing, especially in Texas, or have a passion to empower the younger generation, this episode will leave you feeling equipped to take action and make a difference.

Key Insights:

  • Overcoming fear and uncertainty when getting started with investing 
  • How to build up a portfolio of properties and balance landlord duties
  • Scaling from single-family homes to multi-family properties, and the difference in yield between the two 
  • The importance of moving from a spending mindset to a savings mindset to, finally, an investing mindset
  • How to raise children with a solid financial understanding and responsibility

Guest Bio:

Kavitha Baratakke, a Principal at Cherry Street Investments, is an Austin-based Real Estate Investor and a full-time Commercial Real Estate Syndicator with over 10 years of investing experience. Prior to real estate, she spent almost 20 years as a Technology Professional working for IBM and Atlassian in various roles from Software Development to Technical Account Management. As an investor, Kavitha has successfully acquired, rehabbed, managed, owned and operated several single-family and multi-family investment properties in the Central Texas area. She is also passionate about educating both investors and youth, helping them on their journey toward financial freedom, which she accomplishes through multiple online communities and in-person events.


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