Should You Invest in Bitcoin?


Is Bitcoin an asset or a currency, and is it worth investing into?

This is the first of a 4- episode series where we dive into blockchain, crypto, tokenization and how real estate fits into this growing digital paradigm. Our first guest is Adam Lach, co-founder and CEO of Cloudfire Capital. Adam expounds upon the difference between treating Bitcoin as an asset versus a currency, including how the devaluation of the American dollar plays a role in its appeal. Additionally, AdaPia and Dan both addressed questions of the expected longevity versus downfall of Bitcoin, and Adam defended his position of Bitcoin as a solution to an impending problem. If you are new to cryptocurrency or itching to learn more, this episode will likely answer some of your most pressing questions on the subject. 

Adam was previously a real estate investor who spent years investing heavily in single-family homes on the side of his full time job until 2015 when cryptocurrency began to pique his interest. After spending thousands of hours comprehensively researching the asset class, Adam launched his first venture, Cloud Fire Capital, a consultancy firm that also serves as General Partner to CFC Bitcoin Fund. His firm provides indirect and diversified exposure to the digital asset investment space, and Adam remains passionate about informing others of the unique advantages to investing in such a burgeoning industry. Although it’s not tangible like real estate, one could argue that there are many factors that make cryptocurrency an attractive alternative investment.

Key Insights:

  • How to remain informed about all of the cryptocurrency happenings to avoid being an “accidental investor”
  • How Bitcoin is quickly gaining traction and legitimacy, especially with financial institutions and governments showing interest
  • The significance of witnessing the burgeoning of a new asset class in our lifetime
  • The difference between viewing Bitcoin as an asset vs. a currency
  • Why the traditional 60/40 equities and bonds view of portfolios is outdated
  • The benefits of investing directly into Bitcoin or a Bitcoin fund versus investing into Bitcoin trusts.

Guest Bio:

Adam Lach spent several years with a global financial services giant, and has experience in the oversight and management of business to business sales for both local and global organizations. He owns and operates two separate independent ventures in RSL Holdings and RSL Brands. In 2016, Adam turned his attention and interest away from the real estate investment industry and towards the inevitable rise of cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance and their underlying technologies. The rapidly changing economic and investment landscapes in 2020 facilitated the successful launch of Cloud Fire Capital and CFC Bitcoin Fund, both of which aim to provide traditional accredited retail investors with a safe, secure and actively managed option to gain real exposure to the digital asset investment space.  Cloud Fire Capital has recently expanded, incorporating an on-site Bitcoin mining operation, along with additional digital asset products and services expected to launch in late 2021.


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