The Intersection of Blockchain and Real Estate: What You Need to Know


With no need for a centralized authority, blockchain technology is completely reengineering our existing systems and services.

This is the second episode of a 4-part series dedicated to discussing blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the tokenization of assets. We move into the nuts and bolts of blockchain, decentralized ledgers, and why it matters. Today’s guest is Avi Spielman, the Founder and President of Joon Properties, who is well known as a translator between the two industries of real estate and blockchain. During our conversation, Avi defines the fundamental features of blockchain as an innovative technology, emphasizing its decentralized nature around trust and trustless transactions, and analyzes the effect it is already having on our existing systems, services and marketplaces. With an eye to the future, Avi gives us an example of a fully integrated framework using blockchain, AI and IoT, which is a premonition of what’s to come. 

With a background in real estate, Avi was attending MIT to receive his Masters in Real Estate Development when he became involved in the school’s Digital Currency Initiative. Soon after, he found himself preparing a thesis on the Intersection of Real Estate and Blockchain, and he’s been an active pioneer in the space ever since. Avi is passionate about digitization and eager to see the real estate industry adopt more innovative systems, using blockchain technology as a means to that end. 

Key Insights:

  • Blockchain explained in simple terms
  • How blockchain forgoes the need for central authority
  • Accessibility of this technology around the globe, and how it’s being used to raise socioeconomic status 
  • How existing services are being reinvented to become more accessible and efficient
  • The institutionalization of cryptocurrencies 
  • What is to be expected in terms of growth and expansion of blockchain in the coming years

Guest Bio:

Avi Spielman is an international thought leader, award-winning author, and frequent lecturer specializing in the evolution of blockchain technologies and their applications for the real-estate industry. His work has been featured in Forbes, Harvard Real Estate Review, BTC Media, SIOR, and Bisnow, as well as various international real estate and finance publications. He is a founding member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and oversees real-estate development and property management interests in Middle Tennessee, where he is a board member of the Nashville Adventure Science Center. Avi holds degrees from Vanderbilt University and MIT.


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