A Private Capital Network Built on Relationships

One side of the equation is investor relationships. The other side is sponsor relationships. We build both to maximize value to our private capital network.

Why Alpha Investing?

By providing access to top-tier real estate sponsors, reducing restrictive minimum investments, and providing vetting and underwriting, our strategy brings a new perspective to private equity.

We’ve built a network of investor relationships

Our elite network of investors gains access to institutional-quality, private real estate investments that are not available to the general public.

We do this by breaking down investment minimums. We aggregate capital from our investor network into one LLC, which then invests as a single investor. Using aggregated capital, this LLC easily meets investment minimums, providing our investor network unprecedented access to institutional-quality deals.

We’ve also built a network of sponsor relationships.

We have vetted top-tier real estate sponsors based on their background, track record, asset class expertise, and performance over cycles.

We’re confident that when we underwrite one of our sponsors’ deals, it will be among the best-in-class and offer the potential for strong risk-adjusted returns to our investor network.

Diversify Your Portfolio with Private Real Estate Investments

Investment Criteria

We invest in private real estate, providing our investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional investments.

Private real estate investments offer the potential for increased risk-adjusted returns and a way to diversify one’s portfolio beyond conventional public equities and fixed income investments.

We primarily focus on the value-add opportunities and target properties in supply-constrained markets with strong, in-place cash flow. We build relationships with top-tier real estate sponsors to bring these opportunities to our investor network. 

Sponsor Vetting

Many investment firms boast that they review and reject thousands of projects. We see that as a total waste of time.

Each Alpha Investing deal starts with a sponsor relationship. By building relationships with best-in-class sponsors, we ensure that the deals we see are high quality deals. We then determine if that investment is right for our investor network. 

We want to know that a sponsor has a positive track record of managing both its company and its projects. When we vet a sponsor, we thoroughly review:

Past projects

What geographies and asset classes have they historically invested in?

What are their historical realized returns to investors?

Performance over cycles

How does the sponsor’s track record reflect their activity over 10 or 20 years?

How do they perform in down cycles and recessions?



What do the sponsor’s references and colleagues  have to say?

How experienced is the management team?

  • Professional pedigree
  • Education

Deal Underwriting

Once a sponsor is part of our network, we begin looking diligently at its prospective deals.

Above all we want to be sure a deal aligns with the interests of our investor network. We then perform a detailed analysis and professional due diligence.

Before we present a deal to our investor network, it has gone through detailed evaluation process:

Consider alignment with investor interest

Is this deal right for our investor network?

Review by leading industry experts

A slate of industry veterans with expertise in related asset classes.

Review by investment committee

Our investment committee performs thorough due-diligence on each prospective project.

Define capital commitment

We present the deal to our investor network and begin aggregating capital.