How to Diversify Your Assets With Alternative Investments


A seasoned oil investor explains how she successfully branched out into crypto and real estate.

Courtney Moeller is a sophisticated investor who grew up around the oil business, and has seen firsthand how the cyclical nature of the sector can create unique challenges and opportunities for investors. When Courtney decided to diversify her assets, she started investing in alternatives like real estate, blockchain and cryptocurrency. In this episode, Courtney shares her insight into new technologies and processes that are shaping the future of oil, including the intersection with Bitcoin mining, green energy, and carbon capture. She offers important insights to anyone looking to diversify their portfolio into a variety of alternative investments, placing an emphasis on the importance of finding trustworthy people as a key in any investor’s strategy. 

In addition to her work in oil and gas and real estate, Courtney is a general partner with EMPR Investment Group, where she’s building a digital assets platform for the tokenization of alternative investments, including real estate. EMPR also offers a Bitcoin mining fund. 

Key Insights: 

  • The cyclical nature of oil and gas
  • How Bitcoin mining impacts the environment
  • The intersection of Bitcoin with oil & gas
  • The value of carbon capture
  • Advice for branching out into new investment territories
  • The importance of finding people you can trust to do business with
  • Wealth as a source of freedom

Guest Bio:

Courtney is no stranger to the oil patch.  She was born and raised by a petroleum engineer in the Permian Basin, where most of her family was involved in the oil field in some aspect. Courtney served in the United States Navy from 1999-2005 as an aviation electronics technician stationed at NAS Coronado and aboard the USS Nimitz CVN-68. Upon honorable discharge, she returned to West Texas and sold real estate for several years. For the past 10 years, Courtney has been involved in investing, exploration and drilling of over 60 wells throughout Texas.  Her real estate portfolio includes over 160 doors in Florida along with several storage units throughout the United States. Courtney is extensively involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and is currently working with her partners to create a platform for real estate tokenization.  One of her main goals is to help as many people achieve financial freedom through syndications with superior returns and amazing tax benefits.


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