Real Estate Token Investing Is Here


A successful real estate investor and founder shares how blockchain technology can create liquidity and make real estate investing more accessible than ever before.

This is the third episode of a four-part series where we’re breaking down everything you need to know about blockchain, cryptocurrency, tokenization, and what these innovations mean for commercial real estate. In this episode, we talk with Mohsin Masud, the founder and CEO of AKRU. Mohsin discusses his journey of realizing that blockchain could transform the real estate investment landscape, and he unpacks the basics of his platform, which breaks assets down into tokens starting at only $1,000. He also explains how verified, real-time data will play an important role in real estate investing as more transactions are completed virtually. If you’re curious about the real-world applications of blockchain in real estate, this episode will give you a great foundation to build from!

Mohsin grew up in commercial real estate and started managing his first property in 8th grade. Since then, he’s managed investments all over the world, and he’s an expert in real estate development, tokenization and blockchain technology. He has degrees from York University, Harvard University, and Said Business School at University of Oxford. Mohsin is driven to democratize the real estate investment space and simplify the investment process without compromising security.

Key Insights:

  • Criteria to look for when investing in a new region
  • How real estate investing differs around the world
  • The benefits of using blockchain for real estate investing
  • Fractionalized assets making investing more accessible
  • How blockchain can create liquidity in a traditionally illiquid space
  • The importance of real-time, verified data for investors

Guest Bio:

Mohsin is the CEO & founder of AKRU, a real estate Investment platform working towards democratizing commercial real estate investments. He is an expert in real estate development & tokenomics specifically utilizing dual and three token blockchain architecture for the tokenization of real world assets.

Mohsin has over a decade of experience in real estate investments, development & having run a successful Investment company. He has studied at York University, Harvard Business School, Graduate school of Design at Harvard University, and most recently at Said Business School at University of Oxford with a focus on finance, real estate development, urban design and blockchain.



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