Reflections and Lessons from 2021


AdaPia and Daniel discuss the biggest lessons they’ve learned in 2021 and share their hopes and expectations for the new year.

As we wrap up 2021 and look ahead to the coming year, hosts AdaPia and Daniel take a moment to reflect on some of the biggest trends they’ve noticed and lessons they’ve learned this year. They talk about the relationship between health and wealth, explaining why they decided to focus on both concepts for this podcast, and they share their perspective on the different ways each generation views finances and careers. Daniel and AdaPia also share some personal challenges and inspirations from the year, as well as practical advice for investors who have seen larger-than-normal returns and are trying to plan accordingly. We are grateful for an incredible year of growth, challenges that have strengthened us, and opportunities to step into our highest potential. We wish everyone the best as 2021 closes out and 2022 begins.

Key Insights: 

  • Key life changes from the past year
  • The renewed importance of prioritizing health
  • People’s priorities have shifted from simply trading time for money
  • It takes time to see the fruits of your labor
  • Understand what’s driving growth in your investments
  • Hopes and excitement for 2022


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